Honor Guard Information


The Honor Guard for JWV Department of Michigan shows up for the all the usual JWV events (parades, etc) as well as the funeral of veterans, when invited by the funeral director.

For funerals, the honor guard walks down the aisle in single or double-file (depending on member turnout) while TAPS is played (we have our own bugle, if a recording isn't available), salute the flag-covered casket, and then sit in a designated area for the remainder of the service. One of our members will read two or three poems honoring the veteran, salute the flag again, then sit. Near the end of the service, one of our members presents an American Flag to the widow (or eldest family member). At the point in the funeral where the casket is moved to the hearse, the honor guard flanks the doorway, stands at attention, and salute as the casket and family member carrying the American Flag pass by.


Marc Manson reading poems at a funeral

The Honor Guard for JWV Department of Michigan is co-ordinated by David George (248) 364-2381. To arrange for the presence of the Honor Guard at your deceased's funeral, you must speak to the Funeral Director; do not call David.

If you are interested in joining the Honor Guard and you meet the requirements listed below, contact David.

  1. Honor Guard members must arrange their own transportation to and from events.
  2. Uniform for funerals is Dark blue sportcoat, White shirt, Grey trousers, Black shoes and socks, Red tie, JWV cap, and White gloves.
  3. White gloves, Red tie, and an Honor Guard badge can be obtained by calling Art Fishman (248) 808-2500.
  4. If you don't yet have a JWV cap, call Mark Weiss (248) 701-6705.
  5. You should be retired or have very flexible work schedules, since funerals can be on short notice.
  6. Honor Guard members should be physically capable of walking down an aisle and saluting a casket.