Jewish War Veterans
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Department of Michigan

The Jewish War Veterans, chartered in 1896, is the oldest active veterans service organization in the U.S.A.  JWV is involved in a yearly "March on the Hill" to talk to our Legislators from all states to make sure they know our organization's stand on funding, services, and benefits for all veterans.  JWV throughout the states help the veterans, whether it is through the advocacy for more funding for better clinics, hospitals, the various homes for Veterans, or for legislation for stable or more benefits. The organization also is involved in support of local veterans activities.  Whether it is reaching out to our local, county, state, or federal leaders, JWV has, is, and will be there.

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Recent Changes:
June 16 - Finished adding Annual Meeting and Flag Day pictures to 2018 Pictures.
June 21 - Updated Calendar with Sept 3rd Hamtramck Labor Day Parade info.
July 13 - Updated Calendar with July/August/Sept Ladies Auxiliary info.

Jewish War Veterans of the USA Department of Michigan is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization
following the rules of war veteran organizations as defined by IRC 170 (c)(3)

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